buying a Cuckoo Clock

Top 4 things to consider while buying a Cuckoo Clock

Clocks can improve the living spaces by replacing the
emptiness on walls by a display of art and style. Authentic German Cuckoo clocks can certainly do that. You could buy such Cuckoo clocks all over the world, however buying one that not only presents premium quality but also ot expensive is a challenge. Before you spend hundreds of dollars on your next Cuckoo clock,

here are some of the things to look for while buying one:


Cuckoo clocks are made in Germany’s southwest region calledThe Black Forest or Schwarzwald. The region is known for its authentic Cuckoo clock for over 300 years. The Black Forests Clock Association regulate the production and trading of Cuckoo clocks in the region and also certify their
products. This is why Black Forest Cuckoo clocks come with an official certificate ensuring the owner that the clock possesses a good quality and passes the standards of quality of operation and components.


Styling is probably most important for most people when it
comes to buying the accessories around your house. These German clocks feature a lot of different style options you would want to look for. Basically, Cuckoo clocks are of two types, Traditional and Chalet style. Traditional style clocks
feature hand carved materials that revolve around wildlife and nature based clocks. The clocks are theme based such as hunting themes with hunters and rifles. On the other hand, Chalet style clocks are made with carvings and
painted animated characters. You can hear the Cuckoo announcing every hour on the clock.

Clock movement

The performance, life and precision of the clock is based on
how the Cuckoo clock is wound. The clock movement is the clock’s mechanism to keep time. The clocks can be identified based on their movements into Mechanical movement and Quartz movement. The Black Forest Cuckoo clocks always
feature a mechanical movement which earns them the certificate of authenticity from the association. Since they’re movement based clocks, they do not need power but do need winding on regular intervals based on their type. Quartz
movement however are the new battery operated usually found in most clocks.
They can basically duplicate any of the movements and music from a traditional clock and don’t usually need much maintenance other than replacing a worn out battery. But, being the newer electronic versions of the original Cuckoo
clocks, they are prone to a lot of duplication and do not have any certifications of authenticity.

Music, Animation and Shut-off

Cuckoo clocks feature a lot of different types of usic choices such as The Happy Wanderer’ or Edelweiss’. Animation on the other hand always surprises with its Cuckoo bird coming out of the clock every hour.
Clocks can also feature a combination of animation and music just after the bird comes out. More expensive clocks can have flapping birds as well. Shut-off is a must to know feature for the Cuckoo clock owner, you don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night. You can either set the clock to shut off manually or automatically.

Keeping these factors in consideration, choose the best clock for its price. A Cuckoo clock is an ideal addition to your furniture for people who like to own art combined with functionality.