Mechanical Cuckoo Clock

Why should you buy a Mechanical Cuckoo Clock?

Since more than 300 years, Cuckoo Clocks made in The Black Forest, Germany are famous for their quality of clocks all over the world. The craftsmanship and features that the clocks possess are unlike any other you would ever see. Traditional Cuckoo Clocks made in Black Forest are genuine and unique. Mechanical movement is one of their unique features that attract the buyers. This movement method has been around since the beginning of clock making. But why should you buy a clock that features old mechanism?

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should only consider buying mechanical Cuckoo clocks:

Certificate of authenticity

Cuckoo clocks made in Black Forest come with a certificate
of genuineness from the Black Forest Clock Association which monitors and regulates the quality and trade of the clocks. The certificate can ensure you that there was no duplication involved and the product received is genuine.
Counterfeiting in very common in this industry and for people who love to collect and own original accessories or furniture, mechanical clock made in Black Forest is a great choice.

Design & Styling

A mechanical clock consists of moving parts. They are
powered by weights and gravity and do not require electricity or power but run on manual winding at regular intervals. They were once made entirely wood but now feature REGULA movement by SBS Feintechnik which is an industry standard for mechanisms in clock.

Mechanical Cuckoo clocks are available in two types:

8-Day movement clocks and 1-Day movement clocks.

8-Day clocks have to be wound once every week while 1-Day clocks require daily winding. The 8-Day clocks also tend to be rather more expensive and of higher quality than the 1-Day movement clocks. Also, 8-Day clocks feature automated shut-off and 1-Day clocks usually don’t.

Mechanical movement clocks feature original moving parts
which produces unique ticking sound as well which appeals to some users compared to the artificial sounds produced in Quartz. Although the mechanical movement clocks tend to be difficult to maintain compared to their uartz alternatives, the synthetic appeal from the Quartz clocks cannot replace the traditional or vintage look of the mechanical clocks. Clock enthusiasts love the centuries old detailed craftsmanship and engineering that it takes to build
a mechanical clock. Modern Quartz clocks do not contain such minute workmanship. If you are buying the clock for its artistic beauty, mechanical movement clocks do not fail to impress.

High value

Since Mechanical movement clocks have to be made with
careful detailing, they generally cost more than their synthetic versions. However, they gain their value over time unlike any other clocks. Traditional clocks maintained in a good condition are worth far more than their purchase
price. Considering this advantage, buyers generally prefer to buy mechanical clocks instead.

For people who prefer a handmade, artistic, genuine clock
work, they should definitely invest in mechanical movement clocks. You can find a mechanical movement Cuckoo clock on sale at pretty much every art store or even online. Such an investment will surely pay off in the way of beautifying
your living space as well as a gradual rise in value over time.